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Chorizo Spread is a new lunchtime / brunchtime discovery for me. 

It packs a big flavour punch and makes a welcome alternative relief from the usual convenience of chicken, ham or beef slices in toasted sandwiches, baps or paninis.  The versatility of chorizo sausage as a dinner option is never-ending  here, frugally filling us in pasta, stew and rice dishes, so this spread has endeared me even more to its usefulness.  For dinner yesterday, it got road-tested as a  filling for chicken breasts in a healthy spring dish (recipe will follow soon) and it was lip smacking and totally delicious.  If you have ever holidayed in Mallorca, you may have tasted a version of this already, called Sobrasada

As chorizo is made of air-cured pork, or a mixture of pork and beef with pimento, the level of spiciness can vary when buying one.  As it is already preserved and cured, no pre-cooking is necessary for this spread.  I use a mild one flavoured with garlic to suit the children,  and then add deeper heat with chopped chillies or cayenne for the grown-ups when using it in dishes.  Traditionally pure white rendered pork dripping or lard is used but I’ve substituted with butter, but use whichever you prefer.

It only takes five minutes to make in the food processor, or ten if mashing with a strong fork, and lasts for one month in the refrigerator!  As a little goes a long way in terms of flavour, experiment as you like and use it in your own way to fill different dishes, or alternatively here are…

 TEN suggestions:

  • Baked Beef Tomatoes, filled and topped with mozzarella
  • As an alternative to Cannelloni filling
  • Toasted Sandwiches & Panini’s
  • A tablespoon to enrich a Stew or Soup 
  • Filling & stuffing a Chicken leg, thigh, breast
  • In an Omelette
  • Spread over Pork chops and baked
  • Quesadillos
  • Canape crackers with chive cream cheese
  • Teaspoonfuls dipped in Tempura batter and fried

To make approximately 200g

Have the butter and sausage at room temperature as it helps with processing, although my arthritic old food processor groaned throughout anyway.

100g chorizo sausage, skinned (if needed) and roughly sliced

50g butter

1 tsp paprika or 1/2 tsp smoked & 1/2 tsp sweet paprika

1 tsp chopped marjoram / oregano fresh or dried

1 tbsp sherry / balsamic vinegar

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

1 1/2 tbsp olive oil

1/2 tsp sugar

To Do

Put all the ingredients in the food processor and whizz until smooth like pate. 

Fill into a clean jar or container with a tight lid. 


Bring back to room temperature before serving.