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Spring is definitely here at long last!

Days are longer, getting warmer and although I love winter comfort food, it’s refreshing to get back to eating lighter meals. This easy healthy-ish dish is lip smacking delicious with the chicken being poached and then seared on a griddle pan for that yummy chargrilled flavour.  Am drooling thinking of future summer BBQ’s to come! I suppose it is more of a standby pantry dinner or lunch, and at first these chicken breasts might seem a little fiddly to make, but once conquered you can make these with any number of stuffing mixes. 

I used my easy homemade chorizo spread from the last posted recipe to fill these chicken breasts and you can find it here.  If you don’t have a griddle pan, use an ordinary pan or skillet either.  I cheated too and used a tin of mixed bean salad as I forgot to soak the beans overnight, but a simple green leaf salad would also be delicious, for when the weather gets even warmer and we will all be dining alfresco, (okay, I’m getting a little carried away now, that is a long way off yet).

Lastly, these stuffed chicken breasts are great to make a day ahead or frozen uncooked and I find it  just as handy to make a few at a time. You don’t need a mallet or kitchen gadget to tap (flatten) out the breasts.  My Lil Man who is 6 1/4 years old, (1/4 year is very important y’know!) used his Bob the Builder hammer – which he says to tell you he found ineffective, in case you all have one, and so resorted to just using my rolling-pin instead.  He had a great smashing banging time doing it!

Poached Chorizo Stuffed Chicken on mixed Beans with Baby New Potatoes & Cashel Blue Sauce

serves 2

2 free-range / organic Chicken Breasts

200g homemade Chorizo Spread

sea-salt & pepper

mixed beans, cooked 

 baby new potatoes, cooked

50g Cashel Blue cheese / gorgonzola

50ml milk

1 garlic clove

Place a layer of clingfilm underneath the chicken breast and place another layer on top to protect the meat.

Baton out to an approximate flat depth of about a centimetre or two with a rolling-pin or mallet.

Remove the top layer of cling film and layer with homemade chorizo spread.

Holding the clingfilm at one end, roll the breast as tightly and evenly as you can in an oblong shape, keeping the clingfilm on the outside as you roll.

Tightly wrap the breast in the clingfilm and push the chicken at each end inward.

Tie a knot at each end and then tie the length of clingfilm remaining together to make a handle.

This helps when removing the chicken from the hot water.

At this stage you can either freeze or refrigerate until ready to cook.

To Cook

Put a saucepan of water on medium heat and after five minutes or so, when the water is ready, place the chicken gently into it.

Poach for 10 minutes.

Remove carefully with a tongs and let cool for a minute or 2, before removing the clingfilm.

Heat a griddle pan or frying pan on high and rub oil on the cooked chicken breasts.  Sear on all sides to colour.

Slice horizontally with a sharp knife, seasoning with salt and cracked black pepper and serve with boiled baby new potatoes and mixed beans with…

Simple Cashel Blue Sauce

Gently warm 50ml of milk in a small saucepan with a peeled clove of garlic.  Add 50g cashel blue / gorgonzola broken up.

Stir until melted and slightly thickened over a low heat for five to ten minutes, removing the garlic before serving.

Enjoy x