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I have been waiting patiently all winter to pull out the paintbrushes and re-paint certain rooms of the cottage which are badly in need of a loving spruce and bruce. The cuteness of those 3 eyed alien sketches by my darling children a couple of years ago on many walls is wearing thin, although I did take photos just in case an artistic scholarship award looms in their future.  Even if it is as a painter / decorater and they all follow their heart, of course they will shine. Mother’s prerogative.

I have of late been drawn toward certain decorating trends, namely – wallpaper.  Practically ‘wilting’ wallpaper is a big no no in this house for two reasons. I remember my poor DIY decorating mad Mother wallpapering our house repeatedly because of little fingers tearing strips from the edges of her perfectly aligned matching flowers. This is irresistible to a child. Picking the chips from the wood chipped wallpaper (which was all the rage in those ’old’ days to cover imperfections in the plasterwork) was my particular favourite boredom hobby as a kid. The other reason I procrastinate is fear.  Hanging wallpaper in this old cottage could result in a slow unravelling at the seams due to rising damp or another unforeseen costly reason which means I really want to bury my head in the sand. I have a love / hate relationship with these four walls of stone.

This brought me to thinking wouldn’t it be brilliant to have a virtual wallpaper for each room that you can change with the flick of a switch and mood?

I’ve long been a fan of Carl Warner who is an amazing artist and if in the future  technology develops or maybe already has, I would love virtual wallpaper of his work adorning the imperfect walls of my cottage kitchen. Complete inspiration for food and recipe development, even for the most discerning foodie. If you have never heard of him you’re in for a different diverse visual food treat. You can find Carl Werner here