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I was awarded the Awesome Blog Content award a little while back by ArignaGardener, a lovely Irish blog which you should definately have a look at, so thanks Bridget, I do graciously accept and apologies for the delay!

The rules of accepting the award are to share something about yourself using the letters of the alphabet. This is tougher than it looks, but here you go….

A – Art, something I love and wish I was better at.

B – Baking, I cant get enough of it lately

C – Chef, of which I was before my lovely children

D – Determination, I dont give up easily (can be a good & not so good trait!)

E – England, born in Liverpool to Irish parents (so am not officially Scouse I think)

F – Father, mine is fantastic and I’m very lucky

G – Gardening, something I love but have a blind spot for weeds 😉

H – Housework…. Ugh!!!

I – Ireland, where I was raised and love.

J – Jam, I used to make a LOT for my market stall

K – Kids, my whole world and who make me laugh and smile most of the time

L – Loyalty, a trait I am good at

M – Mother, who is fantastic and Im very lucky

N – Nature, love being outdoors.

O – Okra, one of the few vegetables I detest

P – Purple, a color I like

Q – Queit time, when I do get it I value it

R – Reading, Im either in the midst of 3 books at a time or don’t read for months

S – Strength, I use kettle bells for workouts to build strength and tone

T – Theatre, I worked in street theatre for a couple of years.

U – Underestimate, something I try not to do with people

V – Vegetarian, of which I was for 9 years

W – Women, met some amazing women as a facilitator for rural womens courses

X – XXX mints, couldn’t think of anything else!

Y– Yoga of which I dont do enough of & Yoodling, this ABC is reminding me of the Sound of Music, do-ray-me…

Z– Zodiac, I am Libran

Phew!!..so here some great blogs I am sending this to…

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Carolannes Kitchen

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Now Im off to enjoy the lovely spring weather outdoors gallivanting in the woods with the kids!


Sheelagh x